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December, 2011


    December 27, 2011 ANNE

    Annyeong ~! Here I go again. Haha! I’m alone at home, so I did everything I can’t when my sister is here. Haha! I downloaded so many videos: live performances, funny videos, and even music videos. Here are some:
    New F.O. – Bounce MV
    T-ara – Cry Cry MV Ver2
    IU – Good Day
    IU & Seulong (2am) – Nagging
    IU & Teen Top – Kissing You
    I can’t put all the links to the videos I downloaded. They’re a lot. Hahaha!!

  2. We’re creating our own WEBSITE~!

    December 26, 2011 ANNE

    Hello~! We’re working on our site, me with my close friend. The site is KPOP BASED so we are really excited to finish this. Here are the snapshots:

    our HOME

     List of artists~ it’s not yet compete. We started with groups that has information that are easy to find. Hahaha! :)



     AA (Double A)

     IU (Lee JiEun)

    I hope a lot of K-POP fans will visit our site after we have published it. We are aiming to gather all the information for all the artists so our fellow K-POP fans won’t have a hard time to look for it. ALL-IN-ONE, they say. ^^

  3. FIRST POST ^^


    Hahaha ~! I will include here the greatest gift for now that I have received since Christmas has just passed and this is my first. :) )

    I received a call from BOYFRIEND in StarCall. It was from MINWOO and then Jeongmin joined at the end. HE’s with his toy. Haha~! I’m happy with this call because I like their group and MINWOO is my bias. But how I wish Youngmin is also in the videocall. Haha!!!
    To see their videocall watch it here